So I didn’t have a weight problem growing up, was actually the skinny fat kid growing up. Ate what I wanted but just couldn’t put on weight. I was actually too skinny but didn’t know how to put muscle on.


My journey into learning about health actually began from acne. It wasn’t too bad as a teen, but once I hit my 20’s, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been to dermatologists who say you can’t cure it, just want to throw a bunch of retinols and other prescriptions your way to dry it up like an Arizona summer. Well, drying your skin tells it that it needs to produce MORE oil and hence makes the situation worse.

(what clean eating will do for skin is on the left!)
I started researching what I could take and ended up having every vitamin in the book laid out in an old folks M-Sunday pill dispenser. I realized this was not fun taking so many vitamins, especially when you can get what you need naturally through food.
I turned to research again and ended up going Paleo for quite a while. It was amazing, no oily skin, no bloating, and lots of energy! The nutrition you put in your body (and what you leave out) really affects you from the inside to the out! So my skin wasn’t too much of an issue for me anymore, I was able to control it with over the counter products as long as I watched what I ate.


When it came to exercise, I was introduced to crossfit and enjoyed it, but realized I wasn’t building muscle because it’s so intense and so varied.

I had joined the military after high school and long story short, eventually became a defense contractor. It was on my last deployment to Iraq where I connected with someone willing to help me and show me how to lift weights.

Getting into weight lifting I got in the best shape of my life! The above pic is me shortly after returning home from Iraq, in the BEST SHAPE of my life!


I was then blessed with getting married not too long after returning stateside (actually met my spouse in Iraq, but we didn’t start dating until I had gotten back).

Fastforward, we have kids, acne gets bad postpartum because of fluctuation of hormones and not being able to use certain products. My second child was 10 lbs 4 oz and now I have diastasis recti. I needed help! I didn’t even recognize my own body anymore.


I met my coach, Rebekah, by way of her husband because we worked together. After my husband and I moved away, I kept up with her on FB. After noticing her post after post after post of workouts, nutrition, and seeing how she was able to bounce back after pregnancies, I had to “bite” and see what this whole thing was about.
I’m so thankful for Rebekah as well as Team Beachbody! I was in desperate need not only for guidance on getting my fitness back and having support, but also in need of a business of MY OWN! I LOVE being able to share my story, help others, and contribute once again to my family financially!


I am now pregnant with our third child, I have found a face regimen that is pregnancy safe and actually improving my skin! Everyone needs a face wash and moisturizer, I’m so glad to have found a product line that will grow with me and address the issues that are of concern. I can control breakouts by what I eat, but I have acne scarring and sun damage from years of neglect.


During this pregnancy I have also completed 21 day fix extreme, core de force, and have begun Body Beast. My goal is to share with women that these programs can and should still be done DURING pregnancy, there is a modifier for everything, I sometimes even modify the modifier, but I get it done! Hopefully sharing this more women won’t be afraid to keep up workouts during pregnancy which actually make labor easier and deliver a healthy strong baby!


My goal is ALSO to share this incredible business opportunity because it has done so much for me and my family! For more information, check out YOUR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY!

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