My baby had his FIRST dental appointment! At 14 months old, my baby Charles has 11 teeth and 5 more coming in! We have one of the amber teething necklaces – they wear it, not chew it! – and I’m not sure if it works or not, but figure better it might work than not do anything at all!

Anyways, his canines and molars are emerging so I figured it would be good to schedule our first complimentary visit for him. We go to an amazing pediatric dentist (Children’s Dental Zone) in Alpharetta, GA. Their waiting area is so awesome that my kids never want to leave!

img_6811 img_6816This first visit was a lap visit and Charles did great! No concerns, but of course recommended to make sure we brush, even his gums to help the incoming teeth emerge.

How about you? Is your baby teething? Are they gnawing on whatever they get their teeth on, to include you?

Have a great week and THANK YOU for reading 😀

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