I am not a programmer, I don’t have the first clue about starting a website! If this is you, I just want to say, have no fear! If you know how to use apps and use a smart phone, you could start YOUR OWN website!

BlueHost is a web hosting company. Think of it like this, if you wanted to open a store in a mall, BlueHost would be the mall. You go through them to open your store (if you’re a little more coding savy, you could open this “store” on your own, but for the rest of us, this is the best way to go!). There are SOOOO many youtube tutorials and online forums to help you through if you have any questions!

As part of the set-up process, you can even select to have someone set up the site FOR YOU! It’s like if someone set up your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, account for you and all you wanted to do was write posts, post pics, or tweet, but not have to deal with the formality of entering your information.

I think this whole “internet” thing is here to stay, so why not move your business or any pressing ideas online to your OWN forum? I use mine to blog about fitness and mom stuff, you could too! OR you could use it as a platform for WHATEVER your heart desires! Got an etsy or pinterest business? Start your own website! Sell makeup, jewelry, clothes, health stuff? Start your own website!

Want to work on building your own business? Offer services such as online receptionist, online tutoring, online consulting! What is your talent or what do you have experience in? If you know it, you can teach it or offer services in it.

So what’s holding you back? Check out this link and begin your OWN website! Get your OWN logo! Wear your OWN apparel (check out my link in AlphaSquat Shop)!!! The web is here to stay, leave your digital footprint!

Thank you for reading and please share!!!



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