So this has been a project I’ve been working on here and there I thought I would share. I LOVE my MacBook Air. I got it before I went to Iraq in 2008 (somehow survived all the dust!).
It works great, never any issues. I LOVE apple, things “talk” so nicely, never have to pay for software updates or anti-virus software. The problem, it’s from 2008 and only has 120 gb hard drive storage, lol! I can’t even update to the latest software, I’m still runnin El Capitan!

First step I did was get google drive -> I LOVE it! I have all my documents organized into folders on google drive. I put ALL of my photos from my hard drive (and now automatically on my phone as well) on google drive (UNLIMITED photo storage!) -> took about 3 hours hardwired to the internet (wifi I got about 1/8th the speed of Ethernet).

Next, I backed up all photos into organized folders on an external drive.

Once that’s done I was excited/nervous to delete all the pics/videos from the hard drive. It’s a little nerve wracking, but I know they’re backed up to two different places.

I also deleted all the music that was downloaded to my hard drive and kept it all on the icloud (we have unlimited data now, phone and home internet, why download and take up space?!). This took me a while to figure out, but was so easy once I figured it out!

Success! This is the space I have now and was finally able to update to the latest Apple software, woot woot!


Step after that (this is like a 1 year plan y’all, lol!) is to get them PRINTED in photo books by year and event. Then I can share/send the physical photo albums to family. This will take a while, but just a little time here and there and it’s getting there!

If anyone else out there is having storage issues, I hope this may be a solution for you as well 😀 Thank you for reading!

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