Hello everyone! I’ve realized I post a lot on social media just of me and my workouts, my nutrition habits, and of course my kids! I feel like sometimes it is seen and misconstrued as just being a health nut and I’m judged before people even know WHY I do what I do. It is my fault that I have not said WHY I like health, fitness, nutrition and WHY I want to help others.

I was raised an Army brat, joined the military after high school, worked for the military as a contractor, and married a man who was also in the military. Suffice it to say, it’s really weird for me NOT being around the military!


Before having kids, I was able to go to the gym consistently but I was no longer able to maintain that consistency and I was not the same fit person I used to be. I didn’t even recognize my own body! When I became a stay-at-home mom (SAHM – military loves our acronyms!), which I wouldn’t trade for the world, I felt a void and began CRAVING that team camaraderie and leadership role you have when you’re in the military.

I once threw a baby shower for a co-worker’s wife when I was a defense contractor working for the military. When I became a SAHM I started noticing her posts about getting back to pre-baby fitness AND having her own business. Her business helped with finances and gave her the opportunity to help others achieve their goals. I knew I had to be a part of a team again and this was the opportunity! I could focus on my health, fill this void, and help others reach their goals.


I’ve seen soooo many close family and friends suffer due to poor health habits or circumstances. I’ve also seen soooo many people get out of the military and suffer from poor health habits because they no longer have pt or the accountability of a pt test.  This business has given me the tools to help not only those in the military or those out of the military, but those closest to me with SEVERAL options to choose from! The biggest thing, ACCOUNTABILITY! Not just for others, but also for myself. 


This business has given me a sense of a leadership role once again. A belonging to a be a part of a hard-working team who has each other’s’ backs, encourage each other, and most of all, serve my country once again by helping others.

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