For those who sacrificed and served our country, who fought for the American dream, but return home or get out of the military and feel alienated from the rest of the world.

That feel as though we have all these skills learned from our time in service (strength in leadership, communication, organization, time management, and fitness) that are now underutilized or don’t translate into the civilian world, are no longer part of a true team, no longer have accountability to take care of ourselves in order to set an example for others to do the same, and feel as though we let ourselves go, living in the glory days of our time in service.

Kayla Buck promises to help you be a part of a TEAM that is saving and changing lives, promises to help you translate your skills that could lead to your own financial freedom where you can have YOUR American dream, promises to help you get back into the shape YOU desire for yourself, and promises that your military days does NOT have to be the best days of your life, physically, financially, or emotionally.

By offering my one-on-one support, plus a rare community of other veterans LIKE YOU in need of a TEAM craving leadership, to maintain your strength on your own time, from the comfort of your own home (no leaving your house to have to report in for PT!).

Backed by years of experience with my own deployments, my transition to the civilian world, tons of research and support from other Veterans on a journey to a successful, healthier, and happy self.

To address the need for Veterans to know that they don’t need to feel as though their skills they acquired while in the military are being wasted. It is a part of who they are today and CAN be used to take on the world, and even succeed in their own business– achieve their own American dream!  

Since we understand the desire to be a part of a TEAM, the desire to be a leader, the sacrifice we made for our country, but there is still an outside world that doesn’t understand what we went through or experienced. We understand we are not alone and we are strong!


The Mission: To provide financial freedom, team unity, fitness, accountability, motivation and nutrition options to help my fellow veterans and those who want to show support for veterans, hopefully inspiring others to do the same!