Hello hello!!!! So I’m really excited to hopefully start getting more written on this blog! It has been awhile, but for good reason! I am now 19 weeks pregnant! With this pregnancy, as with my previous pregnancies, from week 6 to week 15 I’m pretty much completely useless.


I get bad morning sickness to the point where this time I went to VidaFlo and got an IV of fluids just to hydrate myself. I was having really bad headaches because, oh yah, I also get an aversion to water during the morning sickness phase! I have to dilute juice just to get fluids in me. I didn’t feel like eating anything in particular with this pregnancy like I had in the past, but knew I had to eat just a little something here and there to help with the vomiting…. Sorry, tmi!


Anyways, I’m back in Georgia from a little relief visiting in Florida, and feeling much better! I have energy back, but I do get out of breath easy. Guessing it’s that extra blood and extra weight I am now carrying.


I’m totally a beach person and live in flip flops or vibram 5-finger shoes if I have to wear shoes at all. Back here in Georgia it’s cold once again so it’s back to boots/athletic shoes. I wanted to share these “yoga toes” because they feel SOOO good at the end of the day! I actually got them when I was in the corporate workforce and would wear high heels or even closed toe flats. By the end of the day my toes-ies just needed to stretch! I’m not sure how I first came across these little miracle workers, but just thought others might appreciate them too (your toes will definitely appreciate them!)!


Yoga Toes” can also help with claw toes, bunions, hammertoe, and other foot ailments. They feel weird at first and you may only start with wearing them for like 5 minutes at a time. You are NOT supposed to walk in these so it’s kind of a great excuse that you can’t get up and do anything! Once I get the kids in bed and I just want to relax, watch tv or surf the net, I put them on. They are also great as toe separators when you want to paint your nails 😀


Just wanted to share! I am currently doing the 21-day fix program and LOVING it! It is only day 1, but I’m prepared for the rest of the week (food wise). More on that to come!!!! Have a great week everyone and thank you for reading!

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